Title Information Technology Coordinator
Location Holyoke, MA
Job Information



The Consortium seeks a 20 hour Information Technology Coordinator to provide employee training, problem solving, updating and implementing new systems and equipment. A high degree of professionalism, customer service and confidentiality is required as well as a strong ability to manage multiple priorities in a multicultural non-profit environment.

The successful candidate will have at least a related Associates Degree (skills and abilities will be considered more critically than education) as well as demonstrated experience with information technology and office equipment including common operating systems, network structure and security, and databases.  Strong interpersonal and organizational skills, project planning and the ability to work independently and exercise clear judgment, with integrity and unconditional confidentiality is essential. Weekly driving to numerous Western Mass locations is required.

Please send resume and cover letter to HR Manager, Kathy Chaisson at KChaisson@wmtcinfo.org by May 3, 2019.