Hampshire Hope: Writing through the pain

  PICTURED: Judy Ryan, a retired teacher and facilitator of one of the writing groups, reads a piece by a participant, as other writers look on. She said she “got to know a group of seven courageous men who shared their experiences honestly and openly.”About 30 people took part in writing groups about how the [...]

Opioid Task Force addresses medically assisted treatment

By JOSHUA SOLOMON  Staff Writer Friday, January 11, 2019 GREENFIELD — Tina Rockwood’s family often asks her when she’s getting off her medication. Sometimes they ask her if she will ever get off of it. It’s a question she doesn’t always know how to answer, and it’s certainly one that creates some self-doubt about a [...]

How Talking About Suicide Can Give People Something to Live For

"To realize that somebody else has known that dark place is the only thing that made me feel less alone." O-Oprah Magazine - Dec 10, 2018 The only people who really understand what it feels like to want to end their lives are those who have been there. That's the basis of survivor peer-support groups, [...]

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