Our Mission

The Consortium creates conditions in which people who have faced marginalization, oppression, or otherwise felt invisible are better able to pursue their dreams and strengthen communities through voice, choice, and inclusion. This is supported by an organizational commitment to address systems of oppression and work toward undoing the harms they have caused.

Our Vision

We envision inclusive communities built upon our collective wisdom and in which all people feel a sense of belonging. These communities are thriving based upon a shared commitment to social justice, the power of personal choice, and equitable access to supports and resources.

Our Values Statements

  • Collective Wisdom – Honoring that the knowledge and strength we’ve gained from living through the ups and downs of life can provide us with the tools we need to create new paths, and help ease each other’s way moving forward.
  • Inclusive Communities – Creating conditions where people are able to bring their whole selves, find their power, and share their gifts.
  • Innovation – Encouraging creativity and transformation in our communities by building upon our strengths, collaborations, shared leadership, and informed risk taking.
  • Personal Expertise – Recognizing that we are each ultimately the experts of our own lives, and that the support we need is to uncover our own wisdom rather than others telling us what to do.
  • Authentic Relationships – Valuing the importance and healing power of environments and connections in which we each truly feel seen, heard, and valued.
  • Equity – Recognizing the impact of systemic oppressions such as racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and psychiatric oppression on individuals and communities, as well as the ways in which we must change and stand together in order to work toward undoing those harms.