Mission and Vision


The Consortium’s Anti-Oppression Committee (AOC) seeks to increase understanding of systems of oppression including (but not limited to) white supremacy, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, psychiatric oppression and anti-Semitism, as well as to create opportunities for the honest dialogue and direct actions necessary to undo their harms at the organizational level and beyond.

The AOC seeks to achieve its mission through a variety of trainings, events, gatherings of support, review of relevant written materials and policies, and Consortium-wide surveys all designed to bring the organization’s values and practices into further alignment. The AOC will also seek to gather input from and share its learning and growth opportunities with the broader community along the way.


We envision an organization where:

  • People can express when they’ve been harmed without fear of retaliation and with the reasonable expectation that those harms will be heard, acknowledged, and addressed;
  • Everyone at the Consortium, regardless of the focus of their jobs, considers their work and practice through a lens of equity and inclusion;
  • People can expect to be supported when challenging power and the status quo, as well as calling upon each other to continue to grow and do better;
  • The work culture supports its employees and all others connected to the Consortium to listen deeply, take accountability, and break down the defenses
    that get in our way of shared learning and growth.

Are you a Consortium employee who would like to join the Consortium Anti-Oppression Committee?

The Consortium Anti-Oppression committee is limited to 12 people at a time. If we are full at the time of your application, we may be able to add you to the wait list of interested people or work with you to find other ways to participate!

We aim to represent as many parts of the Consortium Community as possible, as well as prioritizing the representation of experiences relevant to different forms of systemic oppression. We are particularly seeking members who are interested in actively participating in meetings, event planning, and other related activities. We aim to respond to all applications within a week, at least to let you know your application was received and inform you of the process for moving forward!

Apply here: tinyurl.com/APPLYaoc22

Logo for the Consortium's Anti-Oppression Committee (AOC).

Got Feedback?

The Anti-Oppression Committee offers a standing ‘suggestion box’ for any feedback or input people want to offer. This might include:

  • Feedback about (positive or negative) incidents or interactions that you observed relating to racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, transmisogyny, or any other type of systemic oppression within the Consortium community.
  • A question you have about racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, transmisogyny, or any other type of systemic oppression that you hope that we might be able to answer via an article in the Consortium (internal) newsletter, an ‘all users’ employee e-mail, a lunch discussion, a public event, or similar.
  • An idea for an anti-oppression event, workshop, or training.
  • Feedback on Consortium policies, guidelines, or procedures related to anti-discrimination, systemic oppression, or similar.
  • Anything else that might apply!

Submit your anonymous feedback here: tinyurl.com/ConsortiumAOS

Events and Resources

Upcoming Events

Check back for more!

Past Events

June 8th: AOC Gathering of Support in honor of Juneteenth and Pride Month. Open to all employees. 

Beginning in January 2021, our Committee has offered time for supportive conversation to coincide with events and anniversaries related to oppression and liberation in our country and our world.  We know the impacts of COVID-19, systemic racism, sexism, often strict norms around gender and sexuality leaves people in our country weary.  We want to continue this month to offer space to connect with and validate each other in celebration and/or in struggle.

We can speak to what we’re feeling grateful for, what feels hard right now, and anything else we might need from each other that might get lost in our day-to-day work—and we hope some of you will join us!