The People's Medicine Project

The People’s Medicine Project  is a social justice project that seeks to address community health disparities by increasing access to alternative healing. We envision an inclusive culture of wellness, based on an empowered connection to personal health, the earth, and each other.

Formed by a group of herbalists in 2013, the project has blossomed from a garden and small herbal clinic to a weekly year-round complementary and alternative health clinic that provides access to several alternative healing modalities.

The clinic is staffed by volunteers and is hosted by the RECOVER Project in Greenfield.

In addition to clinic, People’s Medicine:

  • Coordinates an acupuncture access program in partnership with Greenfield Community Acupuncture to provide regular acupuncture treatments to people in early recovery from opioid addiction at no cost to clients
  • Manages a medicine garden at Just Roots Community Garden and holds regular educational and volunteer events there
  • Runs a small apothecary to make herbal remedies for clinic
  • Hosts community medicine making parties to build community around health access
  • Partners with local organizations to bridge the gap between those who need services and those who offer them

Visit The People’s Medicine Project website for more information.