Greenfield Recorder Letter to the Editor – Published: 5/21/2020 9:03:06 AM

… Almost every family has someone who has mental health needs. Those who are close to that person and those who receive services know how important it is for them to have front line advocates, counselors, direct care workers, social workers and a vast array of providers. We write this from a place of respect to honor and thank these staff members who are maintaining relationships with so many people who receive services through vendors of the Department of Mental Health.

The vendors’ staff (including The Western Mass Training Consortium, Western MA RLC, CHD, BHN, Cutchins, NCYF, Gandara, MHA, The Brien Center, Viability, Vibra, Guidewire, ServiceNet, Almadan and CSO) are first responders for people living on their own or those in group living situations who need support and assistance. They have been present for this work and many have extended themselves when someone needs more help during this pandemic by working overtime, and in some cases even temporarily moving into a group home. As many of you know direct care work is invaluable, challenging and vitally important work so we are thankful that it continues in this challenging time. [CONTINUE READING]