The RECOVER Project in Greenfield.

The RECOVER Project in Greenfield. Staff Photo/PAUL FRANZ

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Published: 9/19/2019 7:06:44 PM
Modified: 9/19/2019 7:06:32 PM

GREENFIELD — Steven “Skip” Sommer’s tour of The RECOVER Project’s building led through a kitchen, a meditation room, a colorful family playroom, a computer area and down a hallway to a large room with hardwood floors and stacks of red folding chairs along one wall…

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All are welcome to attend the meeting, Vezina said, noting that recovery has a different definition to each individual. It may mean recovery from a substance abuse, mental health issues, trauma, domestic violence or something else.

“People define recovery however they define it,” Vezina said. “It doesn’t matter (how you define recovery), everyone is welcome. It’s that connection and sharing that really works to support people.

“I think that addiction often comes out of disconnect,” Vezina continued. “The antidote to that is connection and strong community.”