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Every year Stavros, a local non-profit organization supporting people with disabilities, sends a survey to consumers asking for nominations of local organizations/people that really go the extra mile for the people they serve.  A dedicated group of staff and volunteers review the nominations and conduct site visits.

The Western Massachusetts Training Consortium (, is a well-established human service organization in Holyoke MA that offers a variety of community supports. The Support Network (, a program of the Consortium, offers parents/caregivers the support they need to help children, adolescents, and transition youth, effectively navigate the various systems of care and become strong and successful advocates for their children. The Support Network’s goal is to support families to achieve their individual goals.

Margery Jess has been employed by the Support Network for over 17 years and is currently serving as Senior Family Support Specialist. During her tenure, Margery has done the stellar work of assisting and making positive changes for hundreds of families whose children have mental health challenges. We are so proud to have Margery as a part of the Consortium community!

Margery was honored at an awards presentation, at the Log Cabin in Holyoke, on Thursday, October 19th.