Alaina pic

The Western Massachusetts Training Consortium Welcomes Alaina Mango, new Director of the Salasin Project!

GREENFIELD, MA – Beginning on Monday November 20th, the Western Massachusetts Training Consortium welcomed a new Salasin Project Director, Alaina Mango. Alaina comes to the Salasin Project with ten years’ experience working with survivors of intimate partner violence to reach personal goals, establish increased safety, and begin the healing process. She believes in meeting individuals where they are, and helping them to find and travel their own unique paths. For a number of years Alaina worked with people who have been exposed to violence and their families in a residential setting, an active participant in a team that helped to support parents and their children through the reunification process following incidents of intimate partner violence, substance use, and other personal challenges. This segued into oversight of community programming for survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual assault, followed quickly by an expansion of services to include supervised visitation, court-based advocacy, and prevention of dating violence among teens and young adults.

Alaina earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Westfield State University, and is currently working toward her Master’s degree in Social Work at Simmons College. She is looking forward to applying these new skills and her years of experience to the Salasin Project.

In the hours between career, school, and internship, Alaina can be found at home with her husband and her father, or hiking with her two rescue dogs (totaling nearly 200 pounds of Mastiff-mix!). Welcome Alaina!