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By KRISTEL APPLEBEE, Consortium Executive Director
For the Gazette

Published: 11/26/2019 12:01:19 AM

The term “opioid epidemic” has become as American as apple pie in our nation’s lexicon. Here in western Massachusetts, communities have been hit hard by the crisis, with families grieving unthinkable losses. It seems most people know someone impacted. As a result, funding for opioid education, treatment, and prevention has increased; this concentrated community focus on solutions has also brought support for the peer recovery movement, specifically through recovery support centers funded by the state.

Treatment is a critical piece of the recovery continuum of care, offering a foothold to those in the deep throes of addiction. But treatment alone is not enough. Having a welcoming place for folks in early recovery to connect, heal and grow by participating and sharing with one another, can provide a solid foundation for lifelong recovery. Many people in recovery find they need support throughout their lives. Though recovery is an inside job, a supportive community is the key to success…