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Contact: Becky Lockwood, Salasin Project Director

Salasin Project Receives Additional Funding from Western MA Women’s Fund #MeToo Grants

GREENFIELD, MA July 16, 2021 – The Salasin Project in Franklin County, a program of the Western Massachusetts Training Consortium, has received $10,000 from the Women’s Fund of Western MA to sustain the “Healthy Relationships After Trauma” program. This funding allows for unique support to women who are or have been incarcerated and have experienced trauma connected to gender-based violence.

On July 1st, the Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts (WFWM) announced $135,000 in grant awards to organizations working with women and girls that address safety and anti-violence; gender-based sexual violence; parity in leadership, representation, and power; and economic security.

Through the “Healthy Relationships After Trauma” program, Salasin Project facilitates weekly discussion and healing arts groups at the Women’s Unit of the Franklin County House of Correction and the Two Rivers Women’s Substance Abuse Treatment Program. Participants in the discussion groups describe the meetings as “a safe place to share ideas with one another.” They have also shared that the healing arts groups are “very helpful in reducing stress” and “slowing down” as well as “very calming.” One participant noted the groups help her manage her anxiety and depression. Other members state they look forward to attending every week. Salasin Advocates also offer individual assistance to women once they are released including support with finding and maintaining safe housing; safety planning; court advocacy; working with the Department of Children & Families to regain visitation or custody of children; and financial assistance.

During the last fiscal year, Salasin facilitated 60 group sessions at the Franklin County House of Correction with 229 contacts. 22 group sessions were facilitated at the Two Rivers Women’s Treatment Program for 65 contacts. Salasin Project Advocates met with formerly incarcerated women for support and advocacy a total of 234 times.

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